A biography of peter kurten the vampire of dusseldorf

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By August it became apparent that their conviction was premature; a series of strangulations and stabbings occurred, culminating in the brutal fairground murder of foster sisters, 5-year old Gertrude Hamacher, and year old Louise Lenzen. In all, he ended up admitting to 68 crimes, including 10 murders and 31 attempted.

He was released from prison in August and reverted to the life of petty crime he had lived before his arrest.

Doctors were sure that something must have been wrong with him, for him to have been so passive regarding his crimes. In response, one of these experts, Dr.

Regarded as perpetrators of repellent acts of extreme violence, serial killers have been the inspiration for numerous films, from tense police dramas to horror films. A woman named Maria Budlick moved to Dusseldorf in search of work to escape the economic woes brought on by the Great Depression.

Furthermore, the actual sight of his victim's blood had been integral to his sexual stimulation. The prison interviews of him conducted by Dr. Her head was facing the window.

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He was constantly in and out of jails and prisons, without any remorse or showing any signs of changing. Rosa was the first of a number of victims that included young girls, women and even men, over the next 15 months. Kurten had been sentenced to death, and his day of execution had arrived, July 2, At this point, another boy jumped in the water and attempted to save the drowning boy, but Peter held his head under the water , effectively drowning both boys. So how did he succeeded in not getting caught after so many murders? At the beginning of February, he assaulted a woman and murdered a young girl. In response, one of these experts, Dr.

Schulte survived her injuries, although she was unable to provide investigators with a clear description of her assailant, beyond assuming his age to be around As luck would have it, she incorrectly addressed the letter and it ended up in the hands of a postal worker, who thankfully passed it onto police.

This letter would prove sufficiently detailed to enable investigators to locate Hahn's remains on 15 November. Attacks became more frequent, and were widely publicized, throwing the population of Dusseldorf into a panic as the victim count rocketed.

He frequently refused to return home from school.

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Though his crimes before were awful, the worst was yet to come. This letter would prove sufficiently detailed to enable investigators to locate Hahn's remains on 15 November. I heard the blood spurt and drip on the mat beside the bed. He began committing acts of arson, watching from a distance as emergency teams arrived on the scene. He would kill at will, even in broad daylight , brazenly and with complete disregard. This crime escalation reached its peak in the killing of 9-year-old Rosa Ohliger, on February 9, Some victims were stabbed, others strangled, still others bludgeoned with a hammer. The next day, he returned to the scene by visiting a tavern across the street. Over the next several months he attempted to strangle four women, but each of them got away from him. The first was a woman he had stalked for almost a week, whose body he wished to crucify on a decomposing tree, in order to cause a scene for the public. He was jailed when captured, and remained in prison until , his longest sentence to date, and his rage at this injustice intensified.
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Peter Kürten: The Sadistic Crimes Of The Vampire of Düsseldorf