Adaptive features of animals in mountains

They only lay one egg that they can sit on while they wait for it to hatch, and mum and dad take turns sitting on the egg and going to get food to make sure their little one has all the warmth they need. Animal adaptation What is animal adaptation?

The fennec fox has very long ears that help it keep cool by spreading out body heat.

mountain habitat plants

Updated April 24, By Casandra Maier The mountains can be a barrier to both plants and animals due to rapidly changing ecosystems, harsh climates, scarce food and treacherous climbing. They mostly sleep during the day, and they are herbivores. Ways animals adapt in grassland habitats : Grasslands sometimes go a long time without water, but giraffes have adapted by not needing to drink water for weeks at a time.

For this reason, plants have adapted to store food, moisture and energy. These stems allow food storage so plants can begin immediate growth in the spring, without having to wait for the soil to thaw to provide water and nutrients.

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Mountain animals