An analysis of the drug some in brave new world by aldous huxley

In the real world, it's unusual for a woman to produce more than ten children, and the average American family has two or fewer. Depressed or nominally euthymic people are easier for the authorities to control than exuberant life-lovers. But in Brave New World, the correlation vanishes or is even inverted.

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Some of them surely thought promiscuity meant happiness, as Huxley's characters do, but they had grown up with the idea that it was wicked. This has the consequence that many people have to commit crimes and go into prostitution to buy the drugs they depend on. Within limits, plain "uppers" and "downers" are intelligible to us in their effects, though even here our semantic competence is debatable - right now, it's hard to imagine what terms like "torture" and "ecstasy" really denote. It is sometimes supposed that all psychoactive drug-taking must inherently be egotistical. But the Resident Controllers tell people that "history is bunk" for another reason: people who know history can compare the present with the past. In fact, he knows less and is less important than the Controller, as you see when he is surprised that the Controller dares to talk about two forbidden topics- history and biological parents. Here, in the short-run, good feelings and good conduct may conflict. Sealing wax is seen infrequently in the U.

At first he is delighted to see her and tells her she means so much to him that he wanted to do something to show he was worthy of her. The subject becomes sedated. Bernard Marx, an Alpha of the top class, is on the verge of falling in love with Lenina Crowne, a woman who works in the Embryo Room of the Hatchery.

For sure, the Brave New Worlders are typically happy rather than depressed. Authentic paradise-engineering, by contrast, can enhance them all; not a bad payoff.

The Director had called a public meeting to announce Bernard's exile, but by greeting the Director as lover and father, respectively, Linda and John turn him into an obscene joke. He loses his mother because of this society, Feline consumes soma all day, because of her past and unhappiness and she dies because of that.

He was denied the tribe's community and identity.

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This world couldn't function without soma, because the world can't be kept free of pain without a drug that tranquilizes people and makes them high at the same time- and never leaves them with hangovers. The two women also give you a closer look than the Controller's talk did at personal relations in a world that prizes promiscuity and makes monogamy impossible.

She is a technician in the embryo room, which like a photographic darkroom can be lit only with red light. Bottles containing future astronauts are kept constantly in rotation to improve their sense of balance.

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Aldous Huxley : Brave New World