An analysis of the mysticism in christian theology

Other scriptural narratives present scenes that become the focus of meditation: the Crucifixion of Jesus and his appearances after his Resurrection are two of the most central to Christian theology; but Jesus' conception, in which the Holy Spirit overshadows Mary, and his Transfigurationin which he is briefly revealed in his heavenly glory, also become important images for meditation.

In this union the soul experiences various spiritual impressions, which mystical writers try to describe in the terminology used to describe sense impressions, as if the soul could see, hear, touch, or enjoy the savour or odour of the Divinity.

Alvarez de Paz, S.

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Preliminary to the study of mystical theology is a knowledge of the four ordinary forms of prayer : vocal, mental , affective, and the prayer of simplicity see PRAYER. As for the history or development of mysticism , it is as difficult to record as a history of the experiences of the human soul. Prayer is often called active or acquired contemplation to distinguish it from passive or higher contemplation, in which mystical union really consists. Clement was an early Christian humanist who argued that reason is the most important aspect of human existence and that gnosis not something we can attain by ourselves, but the gift of Christ helps us find the spiritual realities that are hidden behind the natural world and within the scriptures. Gregory I the Great b. Regrettably, I can't reply to every letter, but I greatly appreciate your feedback — especially notifications about typographical errors and inappropriate ads. New York: Robert Appleton Company, Bossuet called her the "Teresa of the New World ". The High Middle Ages saw a flourishing of mystical practice and theorization corresponding to the flourishing of new monastic orders, with such figures as Guigo II , Hildegard of Bingen , Bernard of Clairvaux , the Victorines , all coming from different orders, as well as the first real flowering of popular piety among the laypeople. Tauler , a Dominican b.

Dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. Usually it does not form part of the ordinary class-room studies, but is imparted by spiritual masters in their personal direction of soulsor inculcated, as in seminaries and novitiates, by special conferences and courses of spiritual reading.

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Emmanuel de la Reguera, S. Venerable Marie de l'Incarnation b. About this page APA citation. Mystical theology is the science which treats of acts and experiences or states of the soul which cannot be produced by human effort or industry even with the ordinary aid of Divine grace.

John of the Crossfounder of the Discalced Carmelites b.

An analysis of the mysticism in christian theology

Mystical theology has a nomenclature all its own, seeking to express acts or states that are for the most part purely spiritual in terms denoting analogous experiences in the material order.

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