An assessment of the european union as a middle power in the political arena

Marsh, S.

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Rational choice is not a substantive theory, if by that one means a system of conditional statements about the relationships among specific variables.

While the EU has general trade agreements with almost every country of the world, its power to export its values and administrative agenda is most distinct when it is able to bind economic advantages to incentives or political conditions.

Since then, the ESDP has been put forward several times and was successfully used in several regions of the world e. Yet however commentators defined the EU, conventional wisdom for a long time classified the EU as weak, cleft, divided and incoherent regarding its role as an actor within international relations — which was and is obviously due to its unique role within international relations, its institutional structure, its democratic deficit the largely intergovernmental nature of its Common Foreign and Security Policy CFSP and, first and foremost, to the special nature of foreign policy as compared to other policy issues McCormick, Merlingen, M.

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Matlary, J. The latter is thought of as more fundamental because the relation is asymmetric. Abstract Three central goals motivate this introductory essay and the articles that follow.

Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

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The European Union: A Global Power?