An introduction to the analysis of the holy trinity of masaccio

Masaccio paintings

Let us know! It is unclear from available sources whether the lower section of the fresco, the cadaver tomb , remained unknown or was deliberately omitted and possibly plastered over during the s construction work. An ionic capital has a scroll shape like the ones on the attached columns in the painting , and a Corinthian capital has leaf shapes. Brunelleschi's work on linear perspective and architecture certainly inspired the painting, and this is clearly demonstrated within Massacio's work. Not a force or a power, or something abstract, but as a man. Check out our Privacy and Content Sharing policies for more information. Reading example essays works the same way!

When it came time to implement the planned renovations of the chapel containing Trinity, circaVasari chose to leave the fresco intact and construct a new altar and screen in front of Masaccio's painting, leaving a small gap, and effectively concealing and protecting the earlier work.

She argues that the Letter to the Hebrews provides the key to understanding the spiritual meaning s of the fresco and its function as a devotional work in relation to the liturgy of the church.

We see what looks like a Roman triumphal arch, with a coffered ceiling, barrel vault, pilasters, and columns. This part of the fresco had been covered over for many years, and it was not until recently that it was uncovered. University of Miami Please send comments about this review to editor.

An introduction to the analysis of the holy trinity of masaccio

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Masaccio paid extremely close attention to the dimensions of the objects and spaces that he painted, so much so that you can actually determine the dimensions of the room we are looking at in the fresco. History[ edit ] The Trinity is thought to have been created by Masaccio sometime between The architecture in which the Crucifixion takes place is also significant.

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Masaccio, Holy Trinity (article)