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Dear Sir, It is our pleasure to introduce our firm as one with a professional and committed reputation in which proceeds us. Anderson partner on the audit : I assume you also want us to review the K filing material?

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Under this menu you will find a file entitled Apollo Shoes Case Study. I have read all the information you sent me about Apollo Shoes to gain a better understanding of the company, and I feel like I have a firm grasp of the company structure and environment.

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We will also audit whether Apollo Shoes, Inc. Wal- Mart had used a hierarchical human resources HR structure that consisted of several levels of management, divisions, and regions.

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We need to keep up to date on your computer systems. Lancaster Through the following letter I would like to thank you for trusting our firm AOW in planning your upcoming audit. We will also require the assistance of a manufacturing expert, preferably somebody with experience in the shoe industry. We checked the numbers that we received from the confirmation and compared them to the aged trial balance for account receivable. Costain treasurer : In the past, we have never had any unpleasant discoveries of embezzlement or theft, but we always want to be vigilant. At the same time, most importantly, in an audit of financial statements, the auditor's judgment as to matters that are material to users of financial statements is based on consideration of the needs of users as a group. We are pleased to perform the financial statement audit for Apollo Shoes, Inc. We believe that our audit will provide a reasonable basis for our opinion. Is it necessary for you to speak with them to accept the engagement? Ramirez internal auditor : Darlene, I agree, its hard to uncover clever schemes. Both sides of the argument were well supported and we agreed to disagree with the following conclusions: one side took the stance that the mission was not successful because they did not make it to The audit will be conducted in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards in the United States and internationally. This brief contains additional information regarding the auditing and assurance services offered by AOW that Apollo Shoes may find beneficial now or in the future, an explanation of the role AOW will take on in the aforementioned engagement, and a description of the requirements on AOW to meet the standards for these offered services. These test and procedures are with intent to attest operating effectiveness of internal controls of Apollo Shoes on the basis of documentation provided.

The three members of the audit committee of the board and the corporate secretary also were present, but they did not enter into the conversation. Words:Paragraphs: 5, Pages: 3 Publication date: April 15, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!

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We had a split jury on whether or not we thought the mission was successful. Look for patterns in errors that may indicate specific weaknesses over assertions.

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