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The emotional impact of daily soap operas and other melodramatic programs connect viewers at home to a public world in which political leaders and advertisers compete for their loyalty. There are many and outgoing changes to the available media and in some aspects of their form and content. Celebrity power and politics: A connection Do celebrity endorsers truly reflect the candidates they endorse? The outcome for the opposition also demonstrated that the electorate were mainly mobilized through groundwork campaigning through local political networks composed of community leaders and local government officials. For several weeks, the private life of Senator Leila de Lima , who is a rare voice of opposition against Duterte, was discussed in lurid detail in both congress and the senate, where investigations were being conducted on the drug trade and corruption in prisons. Duterte has promised to change the Constitution and his allies have threatened to remove most of its progressive components. It has been three years since the firebrand leader became Philippine president with the promise to embark on widespread and systemic change. Unlike other populist leaders around the world, Duterte did not create a mass-based political party with deep linkages from the grassroots that helped him win the presidency in Before the campaign period, for example, a local drama show "Maalaala Mo Kaya" depicted the life stories of senatorial candidates Grace Poe and Alan Peter Cayetano. Watch the Team PNoy campaign ad here: Watch Vice President Jejomar Binay's address in the UNA proclamation rally here: Jack Enrile's "Giling Giling" jingle also featured politician Jinggoy Estrada alongside veteran actor Tirso Cruz III: From politician to instant star While it has become commonplace for celebrities to use fame as an entry point to politics, our political consultant also mentions how some politicians interestingly jump from politics to show business.

There are many and outgoing changes to the available media and in some aspects of their form and content. The key features of mass media and communication that were around seventy or more years ago are still in our minds: the universal fascination they hold; their capacity to reach an extremely large amount of people in a short period of time and with the same information; their stimulation of hopes and fears; the assumption that mass media has great impact and influence; and the presumed relation to sources of power in society.

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During the Philippine Presidential elections, 61 senatorial candidates vied for the 12 positions in the Senate National Tally, n. Being unable to field a complete slate of twelve candidates, the opposition showed political weakness.

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Garcia notes, however, that technology gives the public more room to scrutinize the candidates. While their slate contained strong contenders, they were politically outnumbered but also unable to mobilize local political networks as most of their allies have already shifted their loyalties to the administration. Centeno, There have been instances of national trends in the Philippines that were driven by television commercials. Across the country, many Filipinos were transfixed by daily proceedings that resembled a courtroom drama. This possible tragic outcome comes at the expense of the great expectations of empowerment, development, and inclusion that Duterte promised when he ran for president. If the president fails to deliver on his promises and he proved to be just like any other traditional politician, it will not only be frustrating but truly heart-breaking for many Filipinos. These national trends that were based on television advertisements are a reflection of the power of mass media in the Philippines. Mass communication, as a large-scale, one-way flow of public content, remains unchanged, but it is no longer carried out by 'traditional' mass media. Mass media can paint a picture of who are the powerful and powerless inside the society that people live in. It also has maintained its control of the House of Representatives and most of the local governments in the archipelago. The private lives of celebrities attract greater public influence that their professional lives. Finally, there is some indication, admitted by many political figures that included President Duterte himself, that Sara Duterte is positioning to be a strong contender for the presidency in the elections.

Table 1 shows the number of people following three celebrities in the Philippines on three different social media websites. The widely-televised national debates among senatorial candidates did not have a significant effect to improving the standing of the opposition candidates.

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However, it is quite obvious that Duterte made major moves to cause the further deterioration of Philippine liberal democracy. It also encompasses the practice of distribution of resources and power within a community as well as the interrelationships between communities.

The importance of politics in modern day society is undeniable and the influence of politics is prevalent in modern society.

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Ties that bind The melodramatic dimensions of Philippine politics are important to understand because these are the emotional ties that push people to support politicians in times of transition.

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Celebrity Political Power in the Philippines