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A key hope for these new tests was that they would overcome the weaknesses of the previous generation of state assessments.

These issues are discussed through the lens of three interpretative frameworks that provide complementary perspectives and ways of thinking about key issues for stakeholders: multidisciplinary research on writing e.

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Calls for increased assessment literacy such as those found in the Standards see pp. This has been arguably one of the most neglected areas of education, and it will no longer be an option to omit it.

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Graham, S. Because the Common Core emphasizes authentic, high-quality fiction and nonfiction texts, educators expect the reading passages on the new tests to be up to one grade level ahead of what students are used to seeing on state tests. Written Communication, 29, Derrick Meador is the superintendent for Jennings Public Schools and holds master's degree in educational leadership. Messick, S. Each grade will include students who are still acquiring English. Students will often be expected to defend their work through a constructed essay response. So students writing a persuasive essay, she says, will be reminded to include claims, counterclaims, and evidence. The uses of argument. Education for life and work: Developing transferable knowledge and skills in the 21st century. Ketterlin-Geller, L. Gilovich, D. Pullin, J. Educational Researcher, 36,

Explanatory item response models: A generalized linear and nonlinear approach. The uses of argument. Specifically, at the Grade 11 level, In the case of the second grade assessment, children will study nonfiction reading and informational book writing as two separate but related units.

The author uses a validity argument to map a research agenda of the instructional sensitivity of the assessments, defined as the extent to which a test item is sensitive to instruction.

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Furthermore, Mislevy et al. The assessments will be through course assessments.

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It is our aim in this paper to suggest directions of inquiry for those stakeholder groups.

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