Communication concepts and skills

In some cases, public health problems encountered by the community are policy, economic or political related, and no amount of communication would influence change because there is need for a policy or political decision. Last but not least, listening is part of communication.

First, there should be a situational analysis conducted which includes also an audience analysis and this could be a rapid or comprehensive assessment.

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Written business communication also has its advantages and disadvantages. Effective communication starts with a goal that is measurable, and that can be monitored as communication takes place, to gauge its effectiveness.

Communication concepts and skills

Close the Loop Often what seems like an effective communication fails due to lack of follow-through. In other words, a retraction of a statement or any apology does not mean that communication did not take place or what was communicated has been erased.

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It also is less time efficient when you have to wait for a response to an email or for a letter to reach you via post. Selecting a communication channel requires a complete understanding of the strengths, limitations and possible solutions related to each potential channel.

There are also various levels of seniority, and different hats you must wear when engaging with any individual involved in a project.

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The main concepts of business communication