Conquering my fear of swimming

How to overcome fear of water and learn to swim

People are often embarrassed, even ashamed, of the fact that they can't swim, and many non-swimmers are reluctant to admit it. You might say "Swimming can be dangerous, but it is safe if you follow best practices and have a lifeguard present. This weightless feeling, commonly known as buoyancy, helps you naturally float in water. What should I do? Feeling weightless in water is often a contributor to why some people fear swimming. To improve your skills and feel more strong and confident in the water, exercise to strengthen your core. She swims with her face in the water and is learning to flip over from her front to her back. Aquaphobia is a very real and debilitating concern, but many people go on to overcome this phobia and become proficient swimmers. Swimming requires the activation of your core muscles. One woman I taught was so fearful of water on her face that when she had her shower installed she had it fitted so that the water came from the side and not overhead. Jessica B. As well as traditional swim training, I have been trained in the Shaw Method of swimming teaching , which is based on the Alexander Technique and is developed specifically for adults, but it is the many different people who I have now taught to swim who have, in turn, taught me the most. She was not afraid of the water, she had just never learned. For me, the water is a comforting and safe environment, but for many of the people I work with the water is a source of fear and panic. You don't have to do anything else, just once again breathe deeply and notice how confident and relaxed you feel in the water.

People are often embarrassed, even ashamed, of the fact that they can't swim, and many non-swimmers are reluctant to admit it. You may start by challenging yourself to sit near the pool. You hear the laughter of people on the far end as they play around in the waves.

Stand at the edge. Swimming is a terrific way to get exercise.

overcoming swimming anxiety

Controlling anxiety associated with swimming is a key step to preventing drowning. The feeling of being in water is so different than being on the ground.

The biggest fear for many people is taking their feet off the bottom when they have nothing to hold on to. She was swimming lengths of the pool easily after just a few lessons because she had no fear and the process was straightforward.

Don't practice visualization on your own if you are not yet comfortable with the idea of being near water. I become anxious. Having a physical and emotional support system can help you feel less stressed about swimming since you are not doing the activity on your own.

You smell the chlorine. It was a lovely moment. So the first thing I do is to get the person to lie flat on the water with their face in it and to let me pull them along gently, holding their hands.

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3 Ways to Overcome a Fear of Swimming