Consumer behaviour toward mall

studying consumer behaviour in case of new products, shopping mall etc.

They clearly identified five dimensions of consumer decision making styles for German consumers. Nicholls, J.

consumer perception towards shopping malls evidence from a tier ii city

H6 proved attitude towards traditional markets has a significant relationship with the consumer lifestyle leadership, actively, information searcher, fashion, attach to appearance. Accordingly, our questionnaire can be accepted as a reliable measurement tool.

Environmental and Planning A, 12 11 Large markets have shopping malls have been established owing to the needs and desires of customers of all sorts of status and categories.

Questionnaire on customer preference on shopping malls

It has developed and excelled in many regards from last few years. Results revealed sixth hypothesis of study is accepted. Annals of Association of American Geographers, 83 1 , They are active participants and influence others as well. This is particularly strongly manifested in the opening of a great number of super and hypermarkets. From the study we concluded that all the participants in the study showed consumer purchase preference, consumer benefit perception and consumer life styles have strong relations with Shopping malls as compared to traditional market and they truly support the model of the study. They clearly identified five dimensions of consumer decision making styles for German consumers. Statistical analysis initially indicated the reliability of the data collected from target customer for the analysis of output regarding such concepts. Shopping Orientation in the Evolving Indian Market. In the first three years, thousand m2 of GLA were brought into use, while in , this figure was more than thousand m2. Wakefield, K. Memon, S. The only factor that was not confirmed was novelty fashion consciousnesses. Ailawadi, K.

Ailawadi, K. The best explanation of any market and opinions regarding its product and response towards customer desire can best be made by the words of customer itself.

literature review on consumer behaviour towards shopping malls

Finding 1: Shopping Malls are mostly visited by age group of followed by age groups. To analyze and investigate the relationship among Customer Lifestyle and Traditional Market.

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consumer perception towards shopping mall