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Securing intercultural communication skills through an internationally recognized program, exploring problem-solving with leaders in the field, practicing proven intercultural awareness strategies and garnishing the support of a network that extends beyond the end of a certificate program are all important bonuses of enrolling in a cost-effective Advanced Specialized Certificate in Intercultural Management from Notre Dame Online.

How can such a threat become an opportunity? Secure Your Intercultural Management Skills Whether or not you choose to seek formal training to increase your cross-cultural awareness and multicultural acumen, the fact remains that most industries are experiencing a sizeable growth in workplace diversity.

This post promotes the need for cultural competencies in leaders of cross-cultural teams as well as leaders working in various cross-cultural environments.

cultural competence in leadership

When working with colleagues, partners and clients from other parts of the world, spend some time researching the communication norms of their cultures. Language Fortunately for Americans, English is the global language of business.

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Time to See Cross Cultural awareness supports the recent studies that have revealed that the most successful executives repeatedly take the time to know thy self and therefore to know thy organization. In order to utilize the variety of skills and perspectives employees bring to the table, managers need to examine their own frame of reference, or paradigm through which they view the world and actively seek to broaden it in order to build more effective work groups and create an inclusive work environment. Trust in any situation is difficult to create and even harder to sustain. In the post named Leadership Across Cultures , you can read about the GLOBE Project and how various cultures view leadership attributes differently — even contradictory to the extent that one culture sees a certain leadership attribute as beneficial for leadership while another sees it as a hindrance — but what are all the benefits cultural competencies? Integrating a self-assessment process into your employee review process is one way to normalize cultural sensitivity on a person to person basis. Communicate Clearly and Avoid Misunderstandings Many conflicts at work arise as a result of miscommunication and misunderstanding. Cultural sensitivity may very well be the most important leadership attribute of our global economy. Roles and status In America, we place a great deal of emphasis on hard work. Show employees you value their diversity by acknowledging and celebrating it. By setting rules about what is acceptable and ethical behavior in the workplace, you can provide clarity around how employees of diverse backgrounds should interact with one another. Cross cultural communication training programs provide resources and a best practice plan to examine your paradigms regarding intercultural issues such as gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, generational differences, and otherlevels of cultural awareness such as socio-economic background and international experiences. The process ranges from six to twenty-four months depending on the desire and depth the client seeks. A great way to counteract miscommunication is by implementing employee self-service software.

We should not be proud, however, of our uni-language capacity, as there is a great deal of respect to be had by managers who at least attempt to learn another language. This is even truer with a multicultural team. If tension does come up, make sure to address it right away.

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References 4. Language Fortunately for Americans, English is the global language of business. I just hope yoga pants become one of those faux pas. Census Bureau that the entire country will attain this population mix by Number 1: Get to Know Each Team Member It is essential that the management of a company, or even the team leader, takes the time to get to know team members. During religious or cultural festivals, bring in treats from the relevant culture to share with employees. When a diverse workforce feels that they are part of an industry leader, they will communicate that to clients, other prospective employees, and will typically work more efficiently, helping the company reach heightened profitability goals. Have you decided to join a company in a sector different from the one you are used to?

Are your people equipped with the right mindset and skills to communicate and collaborate across a diverse workforce? Managers with intercultural training are well versed in best practice strategies to examine work place issues regarding a larger scope of cultural awareness such as: gender, ethnicity, generational differences, religion, sexual orientation, and other cultural factors such as socio-economic background and international experiences.

Listening to See Cross Cultural awareness tends to be highly focused and requires a major personal and professional commitment from the client. Anyone holding on to age-old biases will find that performance will lack and they will no longer be employed on the cutting edge.

Opportunity abounds when differences are combined to create synergy. There are many benefits to diversity: Multiculturalism provides businesses with a limitless pool of talent, ideas, viewpoints and opinions.

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Culture Awareness in the Workplace