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Indeterministic processes, by their nature, leave open more than one outcome. But use your imagination and play along. Such a regress would surely make EU theory unusable because the agent can never actually begin to solve her initial decision problem.

Whose lives or quality of life matter?

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One way to put the worry is in terms of an infinite regress of decisions. Or they may typecast us in the wrong role or stereotype. If future people and nonhuman creatures count, then some quite different answers are liable to be given to environmental issues.

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There are, of course, several variants of these two philosophies. But this is to assume that we already have important information about the beliefs of the agent whose attitudes we are trying to represent; namely what state-partitions she considers probabilistically independent of her acts. One way to put the worry is in terms of an infinite regress of decisions. Another rule of thumb is to weigh the costs and the benefits of the options. What might rational folks do about the luck involved in Openness, given their aspirations? Why is the requirement of probabilistic independence problematic? Joe thinks about running away, and his wheel is activated. Even worse, the same preference ordering satisfying all these axioms could be represented as maximising desirability relative to two probability functions that do not even agree on how to order propositions according to their probability. We all, for example, managed to weigh up the pros and cons of coming by a copy of this Philosophy Now. But we might say that deciding a bit later than you actually did — say, deciding on the right fork after an extra thirty seconds of thought — is another way of acting differently. Google Scholar Barry, B.

Often we find ourselves having to uphold a decision or policy of bodies we work for, without having shared in making it, and sometimes without agreeing with it.

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Decision Making