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The same material is later recycled to make bricks.

Examples of economic sustainability in the workplace

Lessening the amount of material used in packaging usually reduces the overall spending on those materials, for example. Circular Economy The linear take-make-waste economy is giving way to the circular economy in which products are designed to be disassembled, remanufactured, and recycled or upcycled back into economic use. To leverage this technology for the transition towards a Circular Economy, different stakeholders have to work together. Triple Bottom Line A core sustainability concept is the triple bottom line which is the notion that enterprises are accountable for performance in three accounts — people, planet, profit. Process Improvement Continuous process surveying and improvement is essential to reduction in waste. Quadruple vs. For the companies that cannot point to an overall vision to improve in these three pillars, however, there isn't a real market consequence — yet.

One of the most common examples is the act of "going paperless" or sending electronic correspondence in lieu of paper when possible. Handprints are a new metaphor for the good we can do.

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For other companies, sustainability means answering hard questions about the how and why of their business practices that could have a serious, if gradual, impact on their operations. Send me a secure tip.

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Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. In both the Phillips and Michelin cases the manufacturer earns money by making products that last as long as possible instead of as short as possible, thereby conserving resources in the long run. Is child labor going into your end product? Such companies agree to follow certain practices not only including commitments to shareholders to make a profit but also to benefit their communities environmentally and socially. Print this page Any business, even non-profit organisations, must earn enough money to pay its costs and to invest for the future. Organizations also can encourage education in their communities by training their employees and offering internships to younger members of the community. Not all eco-strategies can be incorporated into a company's Eco-portfolio immediately. CEO Arran Stephens and his associates have ensured that the quickly growing company's products are produced without toxic farm chemicals. To see the full list, scroll to the bottom of this article. Footprints We are all familiar with footprints a metaphor for the damage we do to the environment as we go about our business. Consider my company, Unilever : 2. Corporate sustainability in investment can fall under the terms ESG for environment, social, and governance or the acronym SRI which stands for socially responsible investment.

Many of the large retailers have struggled with this as public outrage over tragedies like the Bangladesh factory collapse, which have illustrated previously unaccounted for risks in sourcing from the lowest-cost supplier.

Check out my website. The widely practiced strategies include: Innovation, Collaboration, Process Improvement and Sustainability reporting.

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6 New Sustainable Business Practices