Effect of music on memory retrieval

In this session, unknown male and female faces were presented to participants in an explicit memory encoding situation.

the effects of jazz and classical music on recall

After an initial selection, movie soundtracks, opera pieces and highly popular pieces of music were discarded. Journal of Consumer Research, 23, A small sample size is not the only limitation when collecting data. On the basis of the valence and arousal ratings that were obtained from the validation study 37faces were randomly assigned to various auditory background conditions, which were also matched for sex and age of the persons depicted, so that the average valence and arousal of faces did not differ across blocks of stimulations.

The effect of music genre on a memory task 2012

Although the Mozart effect has been disprove, there are studies that have found that a background music stimulus produces a significant improves performance on different tests. Roth and Smith had 72 participants in their study and found a significant increase in performance on the test in participants who were presented a background auditory stimulus. After completing both tasks, participants were asked to rate how distracting they found the music and how often they work with the radio on. In Experiment 1, Olsen examined the effect of interstimulus interval length and the presence of background music in a goal-directed learning task. For example, improvements in verbal memory encoding 7 , autobiographical memory in Alzheimer patients 8 , verbal and visual processing speed 9 , arithmetic skill 10 , reading 11 , and second language learning 12 have been documented. The dependent variable was whether or not the information from the advertisement was recalled and the independent variables were the attribute, serial position, and silence treatment. An answer sheet was passed out and participants were asked to recall as many of the 60 words as they could in any order. Undergraduate students in an introductory marketing class participated in the study and we asked to listen to an advertisement for a cell phone.

Future research can take into account what genre of music is popular and present a background music condition of that genre. In contrast, Reaves et al. Only a portion of the task information is processed and therefore performance deteriorates.

A t-test for independent means was conducted to see if there was a significant difference in recall between the background music condition and the background silence condition.

effects of classical music on memory

Discussion The results of this study found that there was no significant difference in the number of words recalled between the background music condition and the background silence condition.

To further investigate this matter, in this study, the ability to remember human faces was evaluated in the context of different types of acoustic background, including silence as a non-interfering controlthe sounds of rain and storms generally thought to have a relaxing effect 2829and occidental music of different emotional content and style.

effects of music on memory recall pdf

Participants in the background silence condition were presented the same PowerPoint and told to memorize the words.

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(DOC) Mozart Effect: A Class Study on the Effects of Music on Memory