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As a result there is mushrooming of coaching institutions and skewed selection of courses for higher education.

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It would leverage the equity to raise up to Rs. India is perhaps the country where we have the largest force of educated unemployed people. This makes the learning experience interesting and helps the students grasp better. It not includes skills but also values, morals etc. It is particularly true in respect of rural areas. Over-crowding in the schools and colleges has to be curtailed by opening new institutions both in the rural and urban areas. Social Education is adult education. Every institution has its own syllabus and medium of instruction. At the national level, a Teacher Education University must be set up with the responsibility of various aspects of teacher education as well as evolving such norms. Comparatively, semester examination is better in this regard and it is gradually becoming popular. However, we require further reforms in the system for the proper development of the students.

Massive drive should be taken for education of the illiterate women. Ways to Improve Indian Education System Many ideas and suggestions have been shared to improve the Indian education system. The poor, despite the subsidies, still find education unaffordable and are often forced to drop out.

Even though some schools have extra-curricular activities, there is hardly one class per week for these activities. This leads to superficial knowledge.

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The promise of our policy-makers to provide free and compulsory education to the children of the age group of byhas remained unfulfilled even after 50 years of independence. In addition, commercialisation of education should be stopped. Some of the possible steps towards a uniform methodology for evaluation can be -: A transparent and merit based norms of evaluating teacher performance periodically should be formulated.

It is spread of literacy among grown-up illiterates.

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For instance, computer should become one of the main subjects in schools so that students learn how to work efficiently on the same from the very beginning. Focus on Grades The focus of the Indian schools is on mugging up the chapters to get good grades.

Children need both in preparing themselves to be good parents and citizens in society. They look for different ways to concentrate and grasp better.

The education imparted in our schools and colleges fails to train and develop the whole personality of the students.

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