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If the court finds that the victims did not follow such regulations then, they may not receive what they want fully since it is not due to them. In a just society, they should not be treated indifferently and that justice should protect them as well, just like how it protects other laborers or workers experiencing other diseases.

Also, justice can be defined as acting according to the ideal of fair-doing recognized in a particular society, and treating a person or their doings in accordance to this ideal and state laws.

In a society, justice must provide the equality which the citizen or the people should receive. By the choices we make on a daily basis we can control how much of this privacy can and will be infringed upon.

In the case of the cotton mill, I could assist them in finding a suitable compensation or pension for the victims without incurring much loss to the mill.

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ReferencesAndre, C. Justice can have several meanings to it because all of us are different in our own way, and we all will have different outlook on situations. Vick had numerous accounts against him for killing pit bulls by fighting them.

As a Criminal Justice professional that considers that justice is fairness, this conception is already eliminated or disregarded. Certain safety regulations can be pushed through the court for the cotton mill to create or improve existing health or safety regulations so that the well-being of the workers could be addressed.

Many people have been affected by crime, this is due to statistics, which show the various number of crimes committed in particular areas. The criminal justice system needs to prove a balance between punishing the guilty and protecting the innocent being found guilty; however it is not as easy to convict those who are guilty of committing crimes.

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What Justice Means To Me Essay