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Isn't this brilliant? For me the real heroes are the Filipino Teachers, my teachers.

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The question of the day could be about the unit we are studying, something that happened in the news, or what the percentage of Americans that live within twenty miles of a Starbucks tells us about development and urbanization in our country.

The staff today numbers about a dozen, plus six interns. Aside from financial sacrifice, personal time was most of the time being sacrificed by a teacher. About a third of the visits are from outside the United States, he said.

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The accomplishments feel evident as kids return for a high-five or hug, knowing that I have engaged with them, challenged them, made Texas history a fun and memorable class, and given them opportunities to be life-long learners and critical thinkers themselves through deep explorations of the topics.

Bureaucratic issues with the firewall were changed in half a day. The students revel in these performances as they learn to appreciate a new form of expression that spans a vast number of subjects and emotions.

I admire their patience on dealing with naughty students, their willingness to share their knowledge and mold each and every one of us to be mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared to face all the trials in life.

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Teacher Feature: What It Means to Be an Outstanding Teacher