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I have tried to find a source of their motivation and reason for their interpretations.

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He also sculpted, carved wood reliefs and objects, and made ceramicssignaling an interest in three-dimensional decorative objects from the beginning of his career Where are we going? This painting marks a distinct departure from impressionism in its decorative and abstract qualities, arrived at through the use of outlining and planarity, more exotic artistic sources, and the visionary theme.

Stravinsky's The Rite of Springis "primitivist" in so far as its programmatic subject is a pagan rite: a human sacrifice in pre-Christian Russia. Like the African, the South Sea Islander is simultaneously seen as monstrous and idealized.

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This having been said, the concept of the Noble Savage was not new. Once he made the commitment to being an artist at 35, nothing could hold him back from the wild unknown.

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It was in Martinique he produced his first exotic landscapes and began to break away from the Impressionism of his mentor Pissarro. Here I enter into Truth, become one with nature.

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Nature is virgin with colors that can attract the eye and empowering passion to see how modernism has affected pure nature The same almost missionary spirit is shown again in the drawing called Adam and, Eve, in which Adam has become a Polynesian fisherman, dressed in a loincloth and with his rod over his shoulder, while Eve wears a shift of European manufacture, and the two are accompanied by the scrawny South Sea mongrel that Gauguin depicts so often. This art of primitive peoples that Emil Nolde refers to is something that is truly appealing to many artists and offers a great source of inspiration for their works. In it, Gauguin writes: I have escaped everything that is articial and conventional. An increased emphasis on surface versus illusion, with surface referring less to the materiality of the painting than to the decorative, on one hand, and the ability of color and form to represent ideas without the benefit of literary translation, on the other. Where Are We Going? Les Demoiselles is regarded today as not only one of Picassos seminal works, but the rst masterpiece of the 20th century. Firstly, I am going to write about cubist artist, Pablo Picasso.
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Paul Gauguin and Savageness