Hamlet hero or villain essay

Instead, Hamlet uses an indirect approach against Claudius, and he takes his time with revenge. Hamlet is not often considered a dishonorable character.

hamlet is not a hero essay

Hamlet is full of faults yet full of honourable intentions. If Hamlet would have challenged Claudius to a duel or simply killed him during the Prayer Scene, then the play may have turned into a comedy instead of a tragedy.

There are also tragic heroes. She says that by the time Hamlet comes to the Prayer scene, he is no longer represented as an honorable character Well In the novel Hamlet the author, William Shakespeare creates tragic events where his main character Hamlet has to overcome to achieve his goal of killing his evil uncle Claudius.

why is hamlet not a tragic hero

Hamlet is full of faults yet full of honourable intentions. In his play, Shakespeare shows realistic portrayals of what a true masculine hero would do. London and New York: Anchor Books, And as writer Larry A. He is without doubt a man of high morals which is an important feature of a hero.

why is hamlet a bad person

There are the heroes you read about in books and watch in movies such as The Avengers and X-Men, and there are the everyday heroes such as doctors, police, and soldiers.

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The Villains of Hamlet