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Few more words To sum up, in this article I made a single recommendation of where to look for a movie rating. Request to the viewers to not be judgemental and watch it for what it is. New values may be added in the future without warning attributes array - Additional terms to describe this alternative title, not enumerated isOriginalTitle boolean — 0: not original title; 1: original title title. Another common explanation is that the weight assigned to votes cast by certain users has changed, so the weighted rating will be affected even when no new votes have been cast. The data is refreshed daily. Something must be off. The two are complementary to each other: users can either vote on a movie or write a review, or do both. Never felt it was him and not Kabir for a second. Kiara was beautiful and could be the next big sensation as Disha did after MS Dhoni. Time-sensitive material i.

Thanks for reading! Please remember that the rating is weighted. For example, if you go to the title page user reviews section you can choose the Sort option "Review Rating" and see all reviews that include a rating of 10, 9, etc.

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Any review in violation of these guidelines will not be posted or may be edited to conform to the guidelines.

The rating displayed is correct, as based on the calculations used to generate all ratings for all titles in the database. The IMDb rating is only a number.

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Your submission must be your own original work. IMDb publishes weighted vote averages rather than raw data averages. Please rest assured that we always carefully monitor voting patterns for these titles and determine internally our best course of action to deal with them.

I believe that most people — whether critics, cinephiles, or just regular moviegoers — have had a similar experience.

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Frequently asked questions:. To present a variety of different viewpoints, user reviews featured on a title page are periodically and frequently rotated. In a nutshell, the metascore is a weighted average of many reviews coming from reputed critics. To my great surprise, the distribution looked like this: This similarity raises the confidence with regard to the representativity of the smaller sample. This makes it unfit for the bad-average-good qualitative framework, because it makes movies either good, either bad. An example: if a Swiss national registers with IMDb and enters their location as Switzerland, then visits the United States and sees a movie at a festival while in the US and then votes for it, the vote will be recorded as coming from a non-US user. Once the title has enough user ratings, the rating will automatically appear. There is no foolproof way to verify that users have actually seen the movie that they are voting for, or that the vote that they are casting is what they really think about it. Think of ratings more as a guide than as an incontrovertible qualitative verdict. Our ratings update daily, so your plugin will always be current.

Since this information is optional, we cannot assign every vote to every category. Reviews which are padded with junk text will be discarded. Given these likelihoods, the distribution of ratings for a large enough sample of movies should be one with a blunt cluster in the average area, bordered by bars of decreasing height frequencyresembling, thus, a normal distribution.

The taller the bar, the greater the number of movies with that rating.

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