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We do not claim that our reports provide detailed backcountry and avalanche information. Nature happens. Each are based in the area that is being covered.

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So, the only place that we can reliably and consistently report from every single morning is base. Or, if just listening is too difficult you can try a weather report on TV, or check out an online weather forecast site such as Yahoo weather.

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Furano delivered consistent quality snow conditions through the season. If you use and enjoy SnowJapan. And they are being reported by the same trusted individual who is not inclined to exaggerate. And if you know of an accommodation or business that might be interested in having a presence on our website, do let them know about us too.

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Within the text of our reports we do our best to report any fresh snowfall data that the ski resorts themselves are reporting from the mountain each morning as well as any other personal observations. As the skis can now be hung up until later in the year it is time to enjoy the outdoors without the skis until next season rolls around. All we can say to this is - our reporters simply report what they see. I've left the darker blue colour in as I assume Miles had a reason for picking that shade. Our reporters probably need some coffee before posting and toast in some cases. Before World War II the Japanese weather flags would be flown above some of the tallest buildings in Japanese cities - typically department stores - to report weather forecasts to the public. We are not asking you to join tours. Nozomi Kariyasu, 01 June Is it just these three extra flags adopted at that time? We would report how much new snow has fallen on the upper slopes and base, weather conditions, lift operations and snow depth. And they are being reported by the same trusted individual who is not inclined to exaggerate.

That is one reason why we generally wait for that information to be available before posting reports in a morning. That does not mean they get less snow at the top of the mountain.

Weather forecast in japanese language

Things like that. Not exactly the most intellectual conversation, but a good way to get some basic conversation practice. We are happy to report that during the season more people than ever have been using the site. I'll leave it to Japanese readers to translate any relevant bits, but the construction diagrams do tell me I need to redraw some stuff, as the ratios are wrong. For other ski resorts, it is being measured at other locations. What about daily fresh snowfall? That includes the individuals who post our reports. Only the rain and snow flag was redrawn, because waiting for this month's FotW to download I got irritated by a small asymmetry, all others are Miles'. Thank you very much for using SnowJapan. You will be able to tell when our reporters are genuinely excited by conditions.

Observed base snowfall is far from being the full story.

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