How to write an instruction sheet template

You will find plenty of online sites where you can get these Instruction Manual Templates. Gluu helps you to ensure a consistent format across the entire organisation.

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Have you ever been in this situation? Ask an appropriate colleague to read the draft of your work instruction and to give you feedback on it. Describe any prerequisites that should be met before the actual instructions start. Choose how you will format the document and stick with it. In other cases, you should include a table of contents to make your user guide easier to research and follow. It includes all the important and required instructions to handle and operate a particular product. Also, you can take advantage of predefined repetitive text labels — a set of variables such as company name, address, or contacts, date, document version, or whatever you need. Does the work instruction match the way the task is performed in reality? If you choose to export to StepShot Cloud, you can further work on the guide in a private or public mode. Step 9 Add Navigation to Your User Manual Template A user manual should give assistance to people by providing information about how to use a product. No wonder, many of us make use of this software once we think of how to write an instruction manual. This instruction manual template provided below has been created with StepShot Guides.

Share Knowing how to write work instructions, or SOPs, clearly and concisely for your colleagues ensures they know exactly how their various tasks should be performed. As usual, this software documentation tool is used to create training manuals, user guides, product manuals, video tutorials, help articles, and other docs designed to teach a user how to use a program or how to accomplish a procedure.

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Action: place the content from your Word file into the Indesign template. Afterward, you have to format your doc to make it look nice and easy to follow. If they encounter some issues or gaps in a manual — edit them.

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Think of the table of contents, heading formatting, font, colors, margins, graphic elements, line spacing, and so on. As Philip has a business partner and a developer with in-depth technical product knowledge, I asked Philip to let them review the work so far.

Ask an appropriate colleague to read the draft of your work instruction and to give you feedback on it. You need to reference your user instruction manual to other user documentation so that your colleagues and customers know where to search for related information.

Use a bold typeface for all product elements.

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If it has been created with a word processor, as a rule, you can export it to some text formats or PDF. Do this. You might choose different formats for different jobs, perhaps according to their complexity. It also shares Word files via email, publishes at a blog, or presents online. The people performing the job should have easy access to its works instruction when and where they need it. Step 1. They reduce the impact when key people leave Work instructions, or SOPs, build and preserve the knowledge inside a company. Also in terms of consistency, they should adhere to the skill set of the employees.

Apart from the accurate and thorough description of each step, you need to think of various visuals — mainly screenshots — to illustrate all your actions in a step-by-step user guide to make it easier to understand and reproduce the steps.

This makes it easy for your reader to clarify things.

how to write an instruction sheet template

Still, as you can see, the leader here is StepShot Guides since it has all the necessary features needed to make an instruction manual.

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User Manual Template and Guide to Create Your Own Manual in 15 Steps