How to write meta tags

Length: a meta description should be no longer than — characters long although Google has recently been testing longer snippets. This creates a never-ending pursuit of the coveted number one ranking.

Engage with your potential visitor and show them what you have to offer.

How to write meta tags in wordpress

This is necessary because the title tag is what appears in the results on the search engine and the users have to click it to get access to your website. There are quite a few meta tags but as a creator of online content, you only need to concern yourself with a few of them. Years ago, marketers eager for page views would insert keywords totally unrelated to their pages into their code in an attempt to pirate traffic from the more popular pages, those that actually were about Lindsay Lohan, or whoever was then trending. Our experts traveled across the U. Just like the title tag, the meta description should read like a sentence. When people land on a page via a variety of search terms, it becomes too difficult to optimize properly. Again, this is about human behavior, not just an authoritative word count. Your title tag should be appealing enough to entice visitors to click to find out more about what you have to offer.

Title tag A meta title tag is a brief statement of what your page is about. I say influence because you can never guarantee that search engines will use your description or choose the introduction from your page.

The aim is to entice people to visit your site, not to trick them into clicking. Every single page of every single website has the ability to contain and share metadata, including the title, URL, and descriptions.

description meta tag

This saves you time on keyword research.

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How to write meta tags that do more than just get you found