Ielts task 1 academic how to write at a 9 level pdf file

Please get back to me with a suggested date. As you know, I would not have missed your party for anything. Last week, while shopping at your west end location, I noticed that your center was playing an extremely graphic movie to demonstrate the visual capabilities of a new television model.

Although we were expecting to take him along, arranging his shots and airfare has turned out to be way more expensive than we were anticipating. Please do not be concerned about my condition. Because of her actions, I will surely fly your airline again and recommend it to all of my friends.

Please let me know if there is some way I can repay you for the kindness you have offered me. The year-end figure marks a 9,person increase on January.

ielts academic & general task 2 how to write at a band 9 level

Kara expressed how much she en- joyed her time with you, too. Allow me to elaborate on what happened. I heard your party was memorable, and I really wish my wife and I could have made it.

Ielts general task 1: how to write at a band 9 level

Perhaps this could best be accomplished through the installation of an elevator. This, as I am sure you can understand, is both tedious and embarrassing for him. I was immediately rushed to hospital and operated upon within the hour. I am writing to see if I could ask a favour. However, I was faced with a medical emergency. I hope you can empathize with my situation. I hope the memories I have recanted above bring some comfort to you and your family. Allow me to elaborate. Unfortu- nately, however, my wife, Kathy, started to feel ill right before we were about to leave for your place. Please let me explain what happened. As you can imagine, this made it extremely difficult for me to track down all the titles I was looking for, as I constantly had to shift my think- ing from one categorical system to another.

The second pair of emergency exits follows this, also on opposite sides of the air- craft.

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Higgins R.T. Task 1: How to write at a 9 level [PDF]