Importance of youth vote in indian democracy

Inmillion new voters were added to the electoral list.

importance of youth voting in india

If it realizes that potential it will bring about a new dawn for democracy in the 21st century. Running in the campaign — Another role that the youth can take over is by running in the campaign and becoming the change that they wish to see in the country.

Young people have much to offer societies — from innovation to creativity to new thinking.

role of youth in democracy pdf

And they should know that their participation can make a difference. In Bangalore, the IT hub of India, youngsters from diverse backgrounds like engineering, media and law participated in the Political Action Internship led by Prof.

Importance of youth vote in indian democracy

I say thank you for that lesson and for making May 23 a day to celebrate the Indian democracy. Empowered, they can be key agents for development and peace.

Importance of youth participation in politics pdf

While organising an election, the committee prioritise the generation of a clean voter's list free from errors of duplicity and disqualification. A quarterly magazine named 'My Vote Matters' will be launched in the event and the first copy shall be offered to the President. International Day of Democracy is an ideal time to consider how youth engagement with traditional democratic institutions can be increased. The facts and opinions expressed here do not reflect the views of www. I say this as an Indian American who has had the privilege of living in the two largest - and, I would add, greatest - democracies in the world. On this day, schools work at instilling democratic values into students in the form of debates, quizzes and declamations. The enrolment level was as low as 20 per cent. There are lesser chances of conflict of interest of the population and the leadership and that would push the country on to the road to prosperity. The interns were exposed to election campaigns of the key parties in the state, door-to-door campaigns of leaders like Congress candidate Nanadan Nilekani, opinion poll surveys, manifesto analysis and interactions with experts from social media advertising, print media and urban development. There were million eligible Indian voters at that election. According to H. Their participation in democracy promotes active citizenship, strengthens social responsibility and can enhance democratic processes and institutions. And they should know that their participation can make a difference. The internship was concluded by mock elections including campaigning for the leader, manifestos, and voting with verification procedures and inked fingers.
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Role of Youth in Indian Democracy