Indian retail industry and retail supply

August 28, SHARE Efficient supply chain management has a cascading impact on all aspects of retail — from sourcing of raw materials based on demand forecast and then speeding up the production to getting the product to the store and finally to the consumer, everything depends on the supply chain.

The Indian organized retail sector is growing so the role of supply chain becomes all the more important. Hence the role of supply chain management is ever so important during EOSS to ensure that the store is well stocked. Competition With India being an attractive retail market, there is a high level of competition.

This is where the auto replenishment technology is extremely beneficial to the supply chain ensuring timely deliveries. In Chennai, Tamil Nadu CMDA authorities placed a seal on the massive warehouse spreading across 7 acres that had reportedly been built for one of the world's leading multinational retail giants, Wal-mart.

More recently, retail reforms announced evolved after a process of intense consultations and consensus building initiative. Online retail in India is expected to be at par with the physical stores in the upcoming few years, driven by robust investment and rapid increase in the number of internet users.

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The role of supply chain in the organized retail sector in India should be a shelf- centric partnership between the retailer and the manufacture for this will create supply chains that are loss free.

While many organisations responded, the reach of the protest was mixed. Nearly 78 per cent of farmers said they will get better prices for their produce from multi-format stores.

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With rising incomes, favorable demographics, entry of foreign players and increasing urbanisation, the long-term outlook for the retail industry in India is positive. By early Augustthe consensus from various segments of Indian society was overwhelming in favour of retail reforms.

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Indian Retailing Industry Report