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There are several regional business plan competitions--for example, The Georgia Bowl at the University of Georgia is primarily for Southeastern U. Seymour, The Intercollegiate Business Convention is a globally recognized convention, bringing together young women from across the world who share a passion for business and the drive for success.

These valuable and popular events integrate student learning with an exciting environment and provide real entrepreneurial opportunities through exposure to and feedback from professional investors, executives and entrepreneurs.

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The program would generate health statistics--for example, a sudden rise in smallpox cases in a city or state would trigger a red flag in the system. Room3 p. From rethinking old ideas to creating a brand-new niche in a growing market, these budding entrepreneurs came prepared to exceed expectations.

The pair also created a software platform to transmit the data more efficiently to DOT offices. If not a sole proprietorship, then companies should provide evidence that a legal entity was actually formed, for example, a Partnership, or Limited Liability Company LLC.

Nair, 37, and Heath E. Henry, 34, Anil K.

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The plan's uniqueness is that interior designers can order prints to their specifications-to the exact size, color or medium they need. The development or training must be necessary to obtain a certification or license that is required by the state to operate the winning business.

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