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Bali Adventure specializes in the Ayung River where they will lead you through 33 rapids before finishing the day with a buffet lunch. Petulu Herons Every afternoon before sunset thousands of herons arrives at the village of Petulu.

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His relatives still live here, but they welcome visitors. Entrance fee: Free Temples and ancient sites in Ubud In Ubud, like anywhere else in Bali, temples are not difficult to find. It literally means "wet spring roll", or often translated as "fresh spring roll" which means spring roll without frying.

The rice fields around Ubud, where ducks and local farmers go about their daily chores, are the perfect setting for a leisurely walk. Ubud is the gold standard for enjoyable living, not just in Bali, but around the world.

The birds started arriving from one day to the other in and have been returning every afternoon ever since. It is cooked for a few seconds then quickly taken out and left to dry.

Locals come to pray and bathe themselves in the holy water. Today we have to add that as everywhere on our planet, population growth and developments are changing the environment.

On the way down the many stone steps leading to the site, the rice field panoramas alone make the trip worth it. In line with the companies values of sustainability the factory is constructed in bamboo.

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