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There are two major regimes you can follow in order to complete your Matric and obtain the certificate: Day or Night Classes Functioning similarly to a traditional school, Day or Night Classes are designed to give your learning experience structure.

But you can get a matric. All centers are fully-fledged learning institutions, catering for all various learning programmes in both Information Technology Systems and Business Studies.

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If you are older then 21, then you can just apply for the Adult Matric option. We are committed to equal opportunities for learners and staff, and we value the cultural diversity of South Africa. The only requirement is that you are older than If you want to go to a University, and their entrance criteria states that you must have a Matric. Before deciding on this option, consider whether or not you will be satisfied with the different route. So before you sign up for a Matric equivalent qualification, you must make sure you understand how such a qualification compares to a Matric Certificate. You were absent with a valid reason such as being medically unfit, experienced death in the immediate family or any other special reasons must provide proof. If you have doubts, my suggestion is to remember the impact this will have on your life, in the long run. Our curriculum is reviewed annually to keep pace with modern trends of providing education and training and enacting changes as required by the South African Qualification Authority SAQA. EduConnect 2Cents.

Here are a few institutions which will allow you to redo your subjects: How much does it cost to register for the course? So what exactly is Adult Based Education and Training? Make sure you understand what subjects you need, what marks the university require, and if they have any other entrance requirements.

You may register at your high school or at an examination centre for part-time NSC grade 12 repeat candidates.

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And these bodies will then issues your qualification.

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