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Does littlefield serve food? With our factory humming, our attention turned to inventory purchases. Hence the machine was not bought.

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If a show is sold out, can I still get tickets? We were careful not to buy additional machines unnecessarily so that we can earn more revenue from the interest. We met our SLAs 12 out of 16 days and our percent of potential revenues lost declined to 0. Students can see that queue sequencing rules do not generally have the same effect on lead times that capacity does in steady-state operations, but can be important in transient states when, for example, new capacity has been added and there queue in front of the last step. Near day A1 was experiencing lead time which varied from 0. The rationale behind that is already explained above. The opportunity cost of ordering huge quantity of inventory was the interest that could have been realised on the idle cash.

Are you cash only at the door? Unfortunately, the effect observed after the lag time was different. We knew that if we were going to buy a fifth machine we should do it as soon as possible to maximize the return on investment.

The opportunity cost of ordering huge quantity of inventory was the interest that could have been realised on the idle cash. The title implies that we should be concerned about the consistency with which we deliver on our service level agreements SLAs.

We have learnt that we cannot assume the best of any situation and that we have to be prepared for sudden influx of demand and also that there is no one size fits all policy.

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Even if the order was not entirely executed, partial order will be delivered on time; overall lead time should decrease. Therefore we decided to purchase an additional machine immediately as the game started so as to allow continuous processing of lots to meet the demand and prevent losses in revenue. The strategy was to order high inventory till day In the case of station 2, which executed steps 2 and 4 of the production, we were able to toggle between three policies: giving priority to First In First Out FIFO , step 2 or step 4. Typically the purchase price of machines is greater than the retirement price. In particular, splitting a job into multiple lots increases time spent on setups but might also decrease the time to perform an entire job by allowing portions of a job to be simultaneously processed on several machines. This proved to our favour as the revenue earned did not drop during this period of time even though station 1 utilization continue to be close to 1. Previously we had been stockpiling inventory by purchasing more as soon as money was available to purchase, but we realized that we may be missing out on nontrivial interest payments.
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