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Sam was bold — she could make an ordinary day suddenly thrilling. The shame associated therewith caused her to plead with her mother to stay home and, eventually, her mother allowed her to do so.

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She responded by flushing the hit she had bought down the loo. Harvard agreed that Liz Murray belonged at the university and accepted her as a member of the class of She talks to teenagers about resisting the temptations of drugs and gangs. Then she heard that the New York Times gave scholarships. Despite her tough upbringing she became a straight-A student I was three years old when I first realised that my mother and father shared strange habits. Her story apparently came through loud and clear. I was repulsed by both.

But if Paige had made things happen for herself, then maybe so could I. Murray told Sam that she could stay with her.

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As a result of her hard work, Murray managed to win the New York Times scholarship for kids in need and, with the help of a dedicated high school teacher, was accepted into her dream school, Harvard University.

Then, one night, Brick found Sam hiding in my room and screamed at her to get out.

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Oct 21, at PM Shares0 Liz Murray overcame tremendous odds as she transformed herself from a homeless teen to a Harvard graduate. She loved learning. Then, at the very last minute, they would shut the door, blocking my view entirely. Within five days, the money would be gone and for the rest of the month we lived on egg and mayonnaise sandwiches. She becomes a star student and earns a scholarship to Harvard University through an essay contest sponsored by The New York Times. Later, she ran away and, between sleeping rough and earning her living through prostitution, she moved on to speed and heroin. Drugs were ever present. Breaking Night will be published this Thursday. We would discuss between us whose parents were out working and in whose apartment we could therefore hang out for the day. This meant she was entitled to welfare and our lives revolved around the first day of every month when her payment was due.

I arranged to meet Lisa at the hospital that night. Soon her mother died of AIDS, and then her father abandoned her and her sister. We split a tube of toothpaste between us for dinner. The book speaks to all of us by teaching us that anything is possible if you make every day count toward achieving our goals.

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She overcame the downward trajectory that many teenagers in her situation follow by believing that every day represented an opportunity for growth. But some of her earliest memories are of her parents spending their welfare payments on cocaine and heroin when she and her sister were starving: "We ate ice cubes because it felt like eating. Midway through a psychology degree, however, he had abandoned his studies for the drug trade. Eventually, I began reading fast enough to get through one of his books in a little over a week. The eldest of four children, she was raised by an alcoholic father and mentally ill mother and she had started smoking grass to escape the violence and abuse of her home life. As a young girl, Liz grew up with parents who loved her, and cocaine. Thrilled to have found my place in their game, I sat outside the kitchen whenever they spread the spoons from then on. I was just wondering about you…and about Ma.

I was the only one awake. Miller had launched Youth Rising, a cooperative effort with Columbia's medical, social work and law schools to address the psychological, psychiatric and education needs of the city's 12, homeless youth, a third of whom had aged out of the foster care system.

After a run-in with her grandfather, she runs away with a girl from school who is being abused at home. When her mother died inLiz says the impact of that loss became a turning point in her life.

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From Homeless to Harvard: Liz Murray’s Resilience in Tough and Troubled Times