Main reasons for vietnam war involvement

His reference to Southeast Asia becoming communist was major news the following day.

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The French had got themselves into a difficult military position. They claimed that Ho Chi Minh was the real ruler of Vietnam. On it were inscribed the names of 57, American men and women killed or missing in the war; later additions brought that total to 58, More specifically, the war took place from until but it didn't escalate for until the s.

This incident gave the USA the excuse it needed to escalate the war.

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When Did the Vietnam War End? Their guerrillas — now called the Viet Cong — attacked soft targets in the south. Shortly thereafter, Senator Robert Kennedy announced his intention to seek the Democratic nomination for the presidential election.

Vietnam war timeline

In the presidential election of , Thieu ran for the presidency unopposed. Why did the U. Sources Leviero, Anthony. After being elected president in , John F. Did you know? Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Pentagon launched an investigation headed by General William R. This designation provided a justification for U. The North Vietnamese had already sent units of their regular army into southern Vietnam beginning in late In March , Johnson made the decision—with solid support from the American public—to send U. Trade and diplomatic relations between Vietnam and the U. Under a broad free market policy put in place in , the economy began to improve, boosted by oil export revenues and an influx of foreign capital. Army ground unit committed to the conflict in South Vietnam. For U. Bombarded by horrific images of the war on their televisions, Americans on the home front turned against the war as well: In October , some 35, demonstrators staged a massive Vietnam War protest outside the Pentagon.
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Why did the Vietnam War start?