Marquis vs thomson on abortion essay

Because the mother has no reason to be threatened by the fetus, and the fetus has no reason to threaten the mother, both parties are innocent. Don Marquis, on the other hand, believes that abortion is wrong. Whether the rights of the mother override the rights of the fetus.

She goes on to explore what would qualify as an unjust killing. Also, that she is somewhat responsible for his presence there, having voluntarily opened the window. If such a premise is true, it can be used as a strong argument for why abortion is wrong. They never did agree to help or even be a part of what now is a situation in which they must stay to keep a complete stranger alive.

Each argument contains strengths and weaknesses, and the point of this paper is to show you that Marquis presents a more sound argument against abortion than Thomson presents for it.

thomas and marquis on abortion

A burglar does do you a wrong by entering, yet it is foolish to think that the fetus does you a wrong in being conceived, that it violates your rights. On occasion, the mesh screens can have a default, and in your case, the mesh screen failed and a seed attached to your carpet.

In certain cases where the mother desires to become pregnant, the fetus may in fact have a right to her body, but the desire of the mother to do what she wishes with her body still takes precedence. Thus, because the fetus has a future, the mother is responsible for at least attempting to carry the fetus to term so that it might live and have the capability to fulfill its future.

Abortion by definition of terms is the killing of a human fetus which removes the F. For example someone with cancer might say that the loss of FLO is what makes his early death such a sad event.

what is thomsons position regarding the personhood of the fetus
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The Morality of Abortion: Marquis vs. Thomson Argumentative Essay