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Examples of sacred places, areas and objects: the Vilcanota or Wilcamayu, the "Sacred River", which is a section of the Urubamba River, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the Intihuatana Stone, the Golden Sun Disk, disk-shaped golden object representing the Sun - this was one of the most important Inca treasures that the Spaniards and many explorers and treasure hunters were looking for and some are still looking for to this day.

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Men farmed and hunted animals. They all had a lot of interest in the use of chocolate in the region, and cultivation. However, when it came to the roles and expectations of men and women, there are differences between the three races. Their agriculture was based on the economy, there main crop was corn but also grew cotton, beans, squash and cocao. Their class structures were similar, and they all valued religion. They had a lot of big cities but no capital. They have a constant reminder the gods are present with the pyramids and first one was built right before Christ birth. As for the Incas civilization it was situated quite faraway from both Mayas and Aztecs. Actually it was a number of city-states united by common interests, culture and traditions. They did this by a practice called bloodletting.

Families lived in groups called ayllus. The rest of the population was insignificant and their only duty was to serve to their masters, i.

compare and contrast the mayan and aztec civilizations

However, despite such a geographical distance that separated these civilizations they had some similarities in their cultural, socio-economic and political life. There greatest art was ceramic which had real and mythological features painted on them.

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At the age of 15, they endured tests of courage, strength, and discipline that lasted a month. Women who were sacrificed to the God of Corn had their heads cut off.

The Mayas civilization was already in decline under the influence of different natural factors that reduced the crops and consequently, productivity of Mayas economy, the attacks of other Indian tribes, etc.

compare and contrast maya aztec and inca
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Comparisons among Aztecs, Mayas and Incas Essay