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The pecan barrels, as well as the pecan grove, indicate that the setting is southern because pecans are a major crop of the South.

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We fell back. The Miss Naomis usually gave me a great deal of advice about beautifica-tion, how to take care of your health and not get too fat. He removes the top off of the camera and their film is ruined. It is interesting that Granddaddy and Granny communicate primary through no language.

Trained in anthropology, Hurston, in both her fictional and nonfiction works, explores the folk culture of black Southerners and contrasts its complexity with the superficial understanding generally available to outsiders.

We missed a moment in the early sixties.

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In the story, Granny is feeling threatened by outsiders, two men who claim to have been sent by the county to make a film about the food stamp program. The men back away. Burks, Ruth Elizabeth. She tells stories to that end and embedded in her written stories are the oral stories. Granddaddy Cain holds out his hand for the camera. The movement was fuelled by protest against such incidents as the shooting of Civil Rights leader James Meredith in while he led a protest march across Mississippi. Toni Cade Bambara accomplishes many things in focusing on short stories in her writing. Both stories are left unfinished, but both point to the same theme: the indignity of invading the lives of strangers for sensational or selfish reasons. It takes place in the rural South, a very different geographical and cultural setting from those set in her hometown of New York City. African-American writers like Toni Cade Bambara played an important part in developing awareness of a distinct African-American culture and folk tradition which emphasized the collective and maintained oral forms of expression. The more you convert the more you grow, it seems to me. She encouraged me to explore and express. Cathy understands the unspoken and has the ability to interpret events. I think that was an error.

The story took shape around that effort. Each of us has experienced this in various ways, in church, or fasting, or in some other kind of state, times when we are available to intelligences that we are not particularly prone to acknowledge, given our Western scientific training, which have filled us with so much fear that we cannot make ourselves available to other channels of information.

I think that most of my work tends to come off the street rather than from other books.

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Even though Granny, by her self can not induce the intruder to leave, she continues to show her displeasure at their presence and does manage to get them to move some distance away. So there are various kinds of ways that writing comes.

Not that those errors necessarily doom us.

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Blues Ain't No Mockin Bird