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What we are clear of today is that a certain form of education system existed throughout the known history of ancient Egypt.

what were the educational opportunities in ancient egypt and who has access to these opportunities

Advertisement Other Scripts Hieroglyphics were comprised of an 'alphabet' of 24 basic consonants which would convey meaning but over different symbols to express that meaning precisely which all had to be memorized and used correctly. The Ancient Egyption Education system was well ahead of its time and was one of the reasons that the Eyptians became so dominant in the Ancient world as we know it.

The governmental national curriculum is in the Arabic language.

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Older students received training in reading, writing, mathematics and history. All schools in all stages teach religious subjects and non-religious subjects.

How did ancient egyptians get educated

Agricultural education is divided into a three-year and a five-year system. Some serekhs written on pottery vessels had hieroglyphs in cursive format, possibly a premature stage of hieratic. Surviving documents describe a few female doctors in ancient Egypt and those women received training as scribes to enable them to read medical texts and treatises. Corporal punishment is a common practice in Egyptian schools even though it has not been deeply discussed in literature. Education beyond this stage depends on the student's ability. No girls were allowed to attend it. This is also being implemented by the World Bank led secondary enhancement project in Egypt. Religious Education Religious education was taught with other subjects in ancient Egypt. Scribes practised writing on wood, pottery and stone to ensure their words were accurate and legible. Moreover, Egyptian scientists and students are using some equipment, expertise, and facilities from different countries like USA, Japan, Germany, France, and Italy. Most importantly, Egyptian education faces a main challenge because of the quality of teachers that teach in public schools.

This applied to farmers, stone masons, carpenters, and so forth; all the craftsmen of the time expected their sons to apprentice to the trade. Secondary Education There are three streams in secondary education, namely general 3 yearstechnical as long a 5 years and vocational.

ancient egyptian education

For younger students, the subjects were generally confined to reading, writing, and basic forms of mathematics. This is also being implemented by the World Bank led secondary enhancement project in Egypt.

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Education In Ancient Egypt (Plus Facts)