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They are the low man on the totem pole, the person banned from the set, the guy who wrote the Great American novel drinking himself to death in Los Angeles, rewriting dumb scripts.

Neurosis ensues, and wild comedy that involves Orlean Meryl Streep was nominated for an Oscar for her role and the Florida orchid thief Laroche Chris Cooper, who did win the Oscar.

The Frontdirected by Martin Ritt Woody Allen takes on one of his few sole acting roles in this film about the Hollywood blacklist. I hope they will give you an extra boost of inspiration and motivation too!

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Connecting three different writers and the man who is the subject of both book and film , the film is a funny and poignant look at how different personalities translate to the page. I promise this is the last Billy Wilder film on this list. It also shows the importance of heeding your creative impulses. And the entire story has been transposed to Vancouver for budget reasons. Wonder Boys , directed by Curtis Hanson Taking apart a great groaning bear of a second novel by Michael Chabon, Wonder Boys has Michael Douglas as Grady Tripp, a college professor and novelist stuck, magnificently, on his second novel. Yes, of course. Forbidden romance and tragedy ensues. She was released and would go onto become a brilliant New Zealand writer with a full career and vivid, beautiful life.

And what could be better than watching a movie about a writer? What I learned: Katrin nearly gives up on writing after she keeps on receiving rejection slips.

Movies about writers 2019

When they meet again, some magic strikes, leading to one of the best final scenes in cinema. But filmmakers and scriptwriters are devoted enough to the idea to have come up with a whole lot of ways to portray the numinous, and sometimes wildly dysfunctional, thing that is being an author. Sunset Boulevard Content, content, content. His source of inspiration was a woman named Fanny Brawne. Fred Ward was equally born to play Miller. Well, unfortunately the windmills of my mind were inaccurate regarding this film — it was Leonardo DiCaprio, by then an Oscar-nominated, always edgy young actor, making another idiosyncratic choice before he ended up in Titantic. Fictional writers. Under various pseudonyms, he continues to write, producing some of the most beloved films of the era, including Roman Holiday and Spartacus.

A true classic, this look at Hollywood is often bleak, but balanced with black humor and richly detailed characters that make it come alive.

At the same time, it travels back in time to follow Julia herself played by Meryl Streep as she learns to cook and tackles the cookbook that Julie is following.

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Abbe Coulmier Joaquin Phoenix supports his continued writing, maybe imagining it will help the guy to get it out of his system. The result makes your heart leap. Tuberculosis ran in the family, and mercury poisoning probably hastened the inevitable. Although Duke does make an attempt to cover both the race and hilariously a narcotics convention, these are side notes compared to the manic trips that he and his friend Gonzo Benicio Del Toro go on, hallucinating orgiastic lizards, trashing hotel rooms, and generally behaving more like a rock star than a journalist. Alternatively summed up as James Bond teaches writing. Another Billy Wilder film. A valentine to the most enduring Western playwright of the last several centuries and an unexpectedly profound meditation on the muse effect. Plot: Joe Gillis William Holden is a hack writer, trying to make it big in Hollywood until he meets Norma Desmond Gloria Swanson , a long forgotten silent movie star who hires him to help her write a screenplay for her film comeback. Scott Fitzgerald one of my favorite writers makes an appearance. By Nicole Bianchi 42 Comments Want to connect with other writers? Sylvia , directed by Christine Jeffs Sylvia Plath deserves a better biopic. A tense and beautiful biography of the rise and fall of a man who refused to sacrifice his beliefs for the sake of money, Trumbo is an incredible look at a very important political moment in Hollywood. She wore pants, she wrote under a male pseudonym, and she was a total wit. What I learned: Well, I learned that some fans of your work might be crazy and try to kill you. At first thought to be braindead, doctors discover that Bauby is, in fact, fully mentally equipped.

And his imaginary twin, Donald. Especially after watching him with that typewriter. Total Eclipsedirected by Agnieszka Holland Is there anything cuter when an attractive young actor follows up a breakout monster hit with a small indie movie?

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Her parents are Norwegian immigrants who struggle to make ends meet but manage to provide a loving home for their children. Under various pseudonyms, he continues to write, producing some of the most beloved films of the era, including Roman Holiday and Spartacus.

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The Writing on the Screen: 20 Great Movies about Writers