Porters five force analysis for paint

But if the major company has a huge brand name with quality product and some marketing gimmicks they can lure customers even if they have high prices.

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The years that ensued saw Koppel as the preferred brand of choice among industry consultants and the undisputed market leader in the industry. However, competition will keep on increasing as market will get saturated, but this will take some time to happen, till then one can keep satisfy customer need with good margin.

Some key trends which are going to govern the sector are, 1. Genuinely committed in supporting community endeavors in the preservation of the environment.

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It leads in developing a constantly growing array of innovative products — all designed to meet the exacting needs of its customers around the world, while leading the rest of the industry in forging higher standards of stewardship over the environment.

The Company ensured that they were not too reliable on the suppliers. Power of buyers As this being a competitive industry with multinational players, national players, local players the buyer has a lot of options to his disposal.

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Porters Five Force Analysis for Paint Induatry Essay