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The aftermath is material saving benefits. It focused on these players because they are the ones who could develop a management plan nationwide.

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The aim was to accumulate large amount of data since questionnaire was prepared and distributed to several reliable excerpts on the subject. Putting in place better policies in such areas will only produce sustainable environmental benefits which can be reduction in CO2 emissions, energy use, landfill disposals, increase in reuse rate, product recycling rate and even a possibility of new job emergence. So the problem of electrical and electronic waste in North America must be addressed in a way joint given the geographical vicinity and the permeability of borders. The Act considers e-waste in general context as hazardous waste, Section 3[44] thus making it ineffective in regulating and managing e-waste. As a result, the national recycling activity focuses on the reprocessing of plastic, glass and copper, while the valorized material is sent abroad for the recovery of precious metals [ 37 ]. Also they provided for procedures for seeking authorization and registration for handling e-wastes. So far there is no common and agreed standard definition of e-waste. Computers, TVs set, and Mobiles phones : to recycle them, to donate them, to return them to the manufacturers or dispose them in trash. But the national market is certainly not the only source for discarded EEE in China. On binding materials the following were used; i.

Estimed annual generation of electronic waste in Mexico. The flow of the EEE, are presented in two directions, can be manufactured in Mexico for export or sold on the domestic market, there is also a flow of electronic equipment that are acquired primarily in the United States, the actors involved in the flows described are retailers, distributors and importers.

Commission considers that electrical and electronic waste represent an environmental and commercial issue both waste generated by flows with use and destination unknown to other regions such as Africa or Asia.

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As well as a regional approach that applied for North America situation and Latin America in terms of e-waste where Mexico has participation in different programs and agreements related to topic of both zones, such Commission for Environmental Cooperation CCE and Waste Regional Platform in Latin America and Caribbean.

Based on this, we evaluated the potential environmental impacts of the use of these metals and the importance of their recovery. Electronic waste are subject of interest or this agreement, one of it is major problems with authorities is to establish a clear definition in order to distinguish between secondhand equipment to be repair, refurbish or direct reuse and those they are an e-waste.

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The regulation of the General Law for the Prevention and Integral Management of Waste defines the implementation of plans for special handling waste which represent an environmental hazard and seeks to promote the recovery of materials. In realizing the objective; the research and made extensive analysis of legal framework on management of e-waste disposal; and various findings are discussed in connection with the interviews and questionnaire and in the final end the research recommends establishment of e-policy, regulatory authority and enactment of specific policy to cover for the management of e-waste disposal. In view of what is discussed in this book, this research shows those aspects in connection with the situation of e-waste disposal in Tanzania. This research discusses the categories and toxic components associated with e-waste and also discuss specific effects and problems e-waste causes to environment basing on the inference that, the knowledge of e-waste in its deep aspects facilitates the knowhow of its management and while appreciating recommended solutions propounded by the authorthis report introduces new additionto the solution by recommending the establishment of specific regulatory authority to regulate specifically for matters regarding e-waste management in Tanzania. From this work we would be prepared to specify the responsibilities, activities, functions and interactions of the various actors involved [ 40 ]. The method used to estimate the generation also influences to determine the tonnage in Figure 10 estimated between and by two methods, employed by National Institute of Statistic and Geography INEGI generation occurs, the first results from the national survey, which shows the EEE data in use, the other method used is based on production data and foreign trade [ 43 ]. Among the collection and use stage it is inserted the actor who have called technical, some are distributors, retailers of electronic equipment and simultaneously perform repair functions, so that also generate electronic waste. The questionnaires contained structured questions, unstructured, and open ended questions which gave the respondent complete freedom of giving their views and providing information related to the research problem. In which they discovered and proved that, the magnitude and the flow of E-waste generation is not well known in Tanzania and revealed that only few studies exists which contains a rough estimate of the installed based computers and e-waste generated Kaunde , VPO [65] and analyzed the stakeholder set up in Dar-es-salaam Mataheroe Environmental impacts and human exposure in life cycle of EEE. This analysis of actors contributed a systematic assessment of the scale, roles and influence of e-waste actors in China. Since the three countries have worked within the framework of the CEC to develop proper management of electrical and electronic waste projects. The chapter also covered on the types of e-waste, composition of e-waste and toxic components of e-waste and their effects and it gave a detailed description of global estimate of e-waste and current status of e-waste in Tanzania. In Mexico there is a both formal and informal market for devices repaired and reused, mainly near the border between the United States and Mexico, which generates a large volume of used electronic products used electronic products UEP , which eventually end up in the final disposal sites or are recycled inadequate way, presenting risks for public health and the environment.

Even worst, a significant part of waste flow generated worldwide is exported to a developing countries where are dispose without any concern for the pollution that is causing. But due to the technological level and economic level of most African countries the implementation of Bamako Convention was and is not effective as African countries still receives undurable EEEs as charity donations from developed countries.

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