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Some of these tests include; cerebral angiography, digital subtraction angiography, CT scans, PET scans, single-photon emission tomography and an MRI Pathophysiology made incredibly easy However, stroke is more likely to affect people if they have the following risk factors: being overweight being aged 55 years or older a personal or family history of stroke an inactive lifestyle a tendency to drink heavily, smoke, or use illicit drugs Ischemic stroke This type of stroke is caused by blockages or narrowing of the arteries that provide blood to the brain, resulting in ischemia.

What are the types of strokes?

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The nurse should then assess whether Mr Shaw suffers from aphasia or dysarthria. Determining the specific areas of brain injury involvement will also rule out what type of assistance will be required for Mr Shaw Comer The brain heavily relies on its blood flow and if the course is obstructed the brain will lose its supply of oxygen.

Speech, recreational, and music therapy and social support.

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Through exploring the Pathophysiology of ischaemic stroke and the symptoms that Mr Shaw is experiencing a better understanding is gained about ischaemic stroke. Diesel is created from 4 steps by induction, compression, and ignition and exhaust 4 steps processed Strokes have been afflicting mankind since creation.

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Strokes are the 5th leading cause of death in the US, with one person dying every 4 minutes as a result. Within the acute care hospital setting it is the responsibility of nurses to ensure screening for swallowing occurs before anything including water is given orally NPO. If verbal communication is too difficult due to dysphasia the nurse may provide a method of communication for the patient such as; a writing board or communication board to which Mr Shaw can point at. The patient may suddenly lose the ability to speak, there may be memory problems, or one side of the body can become paralyzed. When asking Mr Shaw questions the nurse should use yes or no type questions initially, and progress when he is able to answer more specific questions. The nursing care required for Mr Shaw will also be discussed as well as the rationale behind it. Description: A stroke occurs when an artery bursts or becomes closed when a blood clot lodges in it and blood flow is interrupted to that part of the brain. For a person experiencing a stroke to get the best diagnosis and treatment possible, they should be treated at a hospital within 3 hours of their symptoms first appearing. Echocardiogram: This creates a detailed image of the heart to check for any sources of clots that could have traveled to the brain to cause a stroke.

When having a stroke what are some signs? People around the world suffer from this horrible disease, and it is important to recognize the victims.

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