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As Baldwin explains, giving requires risking oneself, and white Americans are not willing to put themselves at risk for the sake of African Americans.

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Clifton Hills adjoined the Hotwells, and was a fashionable area of Bristol. For someone like Evelina, who was raised to appreciate simple pleasures, this world seems wasteful and thereby distasteful. He claims that any time a group is allowed to treat another group as inferior because of its race, it will commit boundless atrocities. Villars, opening a new one with the excited words that Lord Orville had shown himself to be still possessed of noble behavior; clearly, his letter reflected a moment of intemperance. Baldwin calls on America to use its power to help such revolutions along. However, in reality, black men merely want the freedom to be themselves. Baldwin began the letter by thinking small, starting from his own experience. Lord Orville shamed them all, however, by suggesting the money should go to whoever brought the worthiest object to share it with. He knows that many African Americans have discovered the power to intimidate, and are inclined to use this power, instead, to gain some measure of respect. They later encountered Lord Merton - the forward and rude aristocrat Evelina met earlier.

Her "civility was too formal to be comfortable," Evelina writes. Evelina was annoyed, however, to learn from Mrs. Lord Orville also joined the group, his presence acting as a counterpoint to the apathy and languor of the other young people.

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On the other hand, if America were to accept its multiracial nature, it could rise above Europe with a number of new achievements. He was a known libertine, but he was soon to be married. Evelina suddenly saw them enter the room together. But African Americans have always known they would not simply be given the things they needed. As immigrants from England, Scotland, France, Holland, Germany and Sweden pour into America, the country has become a melting pot of many different cultures. Lovel, and Mr. To white Americans, this may seem like a surprising development. Since many of these immigrants left their countries due to poverty or persecution, they have no attachment to their previous homes and consider themselves to be truly American.

The group conversation turned to other ways the men could settle their dispute if they were not to race. Evelina was even more pleased the next day when she learned that she and Mrs. She barely noticed Evelina.

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The false promise of the American dream is part of a root problem Baldwin identifies in America. For example, Americans claim they want to be equal, but in actuality everyone prefers the idea of being superior to someone else.

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Indeed, it was very pleasant being around him all the time. He begins to consider issues on a world scale. White Americans must reexamine all of their beliefs and attempt to reform their ways. Selwyn's and the relative of Lord Orville and Lady Louisa. He claims that any time a group is allowed to treat another group as inferior because of its race, it will commit boundless atrocities. She incurs the ire of these men and even some of the women — including Evelina — for her bold style, thus affirming the discomfort many people felt at the time with women who acted outside of their prescribed gender roles. Another congregation They were called "Separatists" because they separated from the Church of England and formed independent congregations. Lady Louisa, Lord Orville's sister, adopts an affected attitude that is most unpleasant. In his first sentence, he makes clear that he is invoking more traditional analysis; for example, he begins by questioning where the Nation of Islam gets its funding. It therefore served as a place for gossip and visiting. For the most part the people living in America are farmers and live in comfortable but modest houses. For example, he explains that this was what the Nazis did: they may have used unusual methods for the time, but their goal of wiping out an entire race echoed all previous racial conflicts.
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