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The study found that, while there have been efforts to institutionalize the principles of good governance in the structure and operations of ERCA, these measures have not had the anticipated level of impact felt by the employees and clients of the Authority.

Not only will this research help to qualify the profession as sound and valuable, but also it could help to scrutinize the various practices.

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This may be due to having someone help them see the positive benefits of their hard work. Journal Of Positive Psychology, 4 5 A fruitful hypothesis may develop into a theory after substantial observational or experimental support has accumulated. It is always possible that a theory that has withstood previous testing may eventually be disproved.

Commonwealth of Australia2 Yet, ultimately, good governance in public sector organizations has overall developmental and democratic goals. Nzongola-Ntalaja10 Accordingly, countries have sought to make good governance a key basis and component of their tax administration reform initiatives.

This study focused on determining and supporting the areas where individual employees had innate strengths.

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The principles and practices of peer review