The effects of binge drinking on the fetus and premature birth

drinking while pregnant

Information on alcohol intake during pregnancy was obtained prospectively, so that differential recall bias is thus unlikely. Results Among the women who met the inclusion criteria and were invited to participate in the interview, did not want to participate.

Only very few women preferred spirits, so the estimate for spirits is based on only women. Some women may have very little alcohol during pregnancy and have babies with serious health conditions. However, a methodological study showed that, in the absence of overreporting, even considerable underreporting seems to have little impact on the association between exposure and outcome, especially when the number of nonexposed is large The change-in-estimate method was used to assess which of the potential confounders actually did confound the analyses The women completed a computer-assisted telephone interview between December 12,and December 31,and delivered a liveborn singleton.

fetal alcohol syndrome

Additionally, birthweight was missing for one and birth length was missing for FASDs and other alcohol-related health conditions happen when you drink during pregnancy. Information on alcohol intake during pregnancy was obtained only once in the first half of pregnancy, and the reported value was used as an indicator for the general level of exposure during pregnancy.

We are aware of only two smaller studies having investigated the association between type of beverage and preterm delivery 4 Adjustment for diabetes status, age, previous preterm delivery, parity, smoking, coffee consumption, and occupational status did not affect the results table 4.

However, the apparent protective effect of an alcohol consumption between two and four drinks per week in the analysis based on the entire population diminished and was no longer statistically significant, when the analysis is restricted to nulliparous women only table 2.

Our findings of no obvious differences in associations between the type of beverage and preterm delivery are in accordance with their results. Every pregnancy is different.

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The effect of maternal alcohol consumption on fetal growth and preterm birth.