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Buckminister Fuller Essay - History of R. She is happy enough as she is. For woman, if by a sympathy as to outward condition, she is led to aid the enfranchisement of the slave, must no less so, by inward tendency, to favor measures which promise to bring the world more thoroughly and deeply into harmony with her nature.

This is very imperfectly done as yet in the general life.

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Therefore, the author throughout this theme clearly exposes the imbalance that society is undergoing. Both are fertile themes, but time permits not here to explore them.

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This land must back its debt to woman, without whose aid it would not have been brought into alliance with the civilized world. Women were expected to be dependent on their husband.

Had he lived longer to see the growth of the peace party, the reforms in life and medical practice which seek to substitute water for wine and drugs, pulse for animal food, he would have been confirmed in his view of the way in which the desired changes are to be effected.

Men believe that they possess power over everything in the universe, including nature, spirits, and women. She is told to be worthy to be the mother of a Washington, or the companion of some good man.

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The French revolution, that strangely disguised angel, bore witness in favor of woman, but interpreted her claims no less ignorantly than those of man.

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