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No individual other than a citizen of the United States may be an officer of the Corporation.

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Independent services include Create , an American Public Television-operated network featuring how-to, home and garden, cooking and travel programs; MHz Worldview , a network owned by MHz Networks , which carries international dramatic series particularly crime drama , news programs and documentaries; and World , a joint venture of American Public Television, WNET, the WGBH Educational Foundation and the National Educational Telecommunications Association that broadcasts science, nature, news, public affairs and documentary programs. Music stations are probably best known for playing classical music , although other formats are offered, including the time-honored "eclectic" music format that is rather freeform in nature common among college radio stations. PBS stations are known for rebroadcasting British television costume dramas and comedies acquired from the BBC and other sources —these shows are generally seen on Saturday evenings, regarded as the least-watched evening of the week due to viewers doing outside activities such as going to a movie, a concert, or other functions; so much of the exposure or lack thereof of American audiences to British television particularly comedies comes through PBS. The Corporation shall not have any authority to establish any requirements, guidelines, or limitations with respect to the use of such amounts by such licensees and permittees. NPR also receives some direct funding from private donors, foundations, and from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. CPB is mandated to spend 95 percent of its funding on local public media stations, content development, community services and other related needs [sources: CPB , Encyclopaedia Brittanica ]. Connect With Us Education: Public Broadcasting Service Schools are not the only institutions capable of providing educational services. Criticism and controversy Some of the controversies in which PBS has been involved are over funding, out of date technology, fundraising methods, corporate influence, and political biases. As technology advances, and human society changes, PBS and all public broadcasting must also adapt and change in order to continue to fulfill a valuable, and thus financially supported, role. Support for continuing CPB funding by liberals , independents and many conservatives in Congress has led to many of these efforts being defeated at the federal level, although there have been successful attempts to reduce — though not eliminate — funding for public television stations by some state legislatures. With the advent of digital television, additional public television networks — most of which have direct or indirect association with PBS — have also launched, to provide additional cultural, entertainment and instructional programming.

Yet every so often, Congress debates getting rid of the funding while public media executives fiercely cling to receiving it.

This article was most recently revised and updated by John M. Some of these endeavours have included offering college-credit television courses, providing instructional programs for elementary- and secondary-school students, selling goods and services to raise funds for PBS and member stations, offering high-speed data delivery to homes and businesses, distributing video recordings of public television programs for both public institutions such as schools and libraries and the retail market, and researching and developing technical systems for the network and its member stations.

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The Corporation shall determine the amount of non-Federal financial support received by public broadcasting entities during each of the fiscal years referred to in paragraph 1 for the purpose of determining the amount of each authorization, and shall certify such amount to the Secretary of the Treasury, except that the Corporation may include in its certification non-Federal financial support received by a public broadcasting entity during its most recent fiscal year ending before September 30 of the year for which certification is made.

Funds appropriated to the Satellite Interconnection Fund shall remain available until expended. However, the original programming block still exists on PBS, filling daytime and in some cases, weekend morning schedules on its member stations; many members also carry hour locally programmed children's networks featuring PBS Kids content on one of their digital subchannels.

In addition, the member stations themselves also produce a variety of local shows, some of which subsequently receive national distribution through PBS or other distributors.

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Public Broadcasting Service