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Where a resident lacked capacity to give informed consent, advice on their participation was gained from a relative or staff consultee in accordance with Mental Capacity Act [ 28 ] guidance.

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Only one resident in one of the sites completed an interview. Methods We employed an embedded [ 23 ], collective [ 19 ] case study design. Methods: This qualitative study was conducted in two stages during In fact, most of them never regained that status during the five-year study.

Overcoming Barriers to Change In our work helping managers have honest conversations about the effectiveness of their organizations, we hear about six common barriers. Nurses play an important role in improving health standards.

Nowadays, training is an essential factor contributing to greater efficiency of the staff and organizations. Training programs must be organized in such a way that they enhance the beneficial capabilities of employees 7. Methods An embedded, collective case study was undertaken in three care home provider organisations who had responded to a national training audit.

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