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Things you can do include: Eat five to six servings of fruits and vegetables daily. A fruit serving is one piece of small to medium fresh fruit, one-half cup of canned or fresh fruit or fruit juice, or one-fourth cup of dried fruit.

Treatment and prevention of obesity

In addition, the amount of muscle in your body tends to decrease with age. These dietary changes are compounded by lifestyle changes that reflect reduced physical activity at work and during leisure time [ 71 , 74 ]. Questions to be addressed include: whether avoidance of overweight and obesity is viewed with as much concern as the prevention of diseases such as cancer or ischemic heart disease; what are factors that enable individuals to increase their physical activity level and adopt a healthy diet so that long-term behavior change is achieved; and more in depth understanding of individual, interpersonal, organizational and community factors that affect this behavior in the context of different ethnicity and culture. Obesity: why be concerned? Note that for adults: A BMI between 25 and Choose whole grain foods, such as brown rice and whole wheat bread. Also, because of our modern lifestyles, we are not as active as we once were. Choose whole grain foods such as brown rice and whole wheat bread. Weigh and measure food to gain an understanding of portion sizes. Recommendations for prevention of overweight and obesity during childhood and teens include: Gradually work to change family eating habits and activity levels rather than focusing on a child's weight. Reduce "screen" time in front of the television and computer to less than 1 to 2 hours daily. Several studies have shown that insufficient physical activity is one of the important risk factors of obesity [ 75 — 77 ], and work-related activity has declined over recent decades in industrialized countries whereas leisure time dominated by television viewing and other physically inactive pastimes has increased [ 71 , 74 ]. Looking at computer, tablet and phone screens is a sedentary activity. For example, a large cheeseburger and a large order of fries may have almost 1, calories and 30 or more grams of fat.

Obesity may increase your risk of cancer of the uterus, cervix, endometrium, ovary, breast, colon, rectum, esophagus, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidney and prostate. Sleep apnea. References 1. For example, a three-ounce serving of meat is the size of a deck of cards.

It is necessary that we enjoy a healthy lifestyle to prevent obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

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These changes also reduce calorie needs, and can make it harder to keep off excess weight. Food, Physical Activity, and Socioeconomic Environments To alter the food environment such that healthy choices are the easier choices, and to alter the physical activity environment to facilitate higher levels of physical activities and to reduce sedentary lifestyle, are the key targets of obesity prevention policies.

Eat more servings of vegetables and fruits The daily recommendation for fruit and vegetable intake is five to nine servings per day for adults.

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Preventing Obesity in Children, Teens, and Adults