Website evaluation

Is this an appropriate site to use in academic work? Sometimes URLs include dates as well. Articles fueled by anger or extreme opinions are not going to be the best source of information.

Website evaluation definition

Currency When was the information written? If your page lists the author credentials and its domain is preferred. Is it distinguishable from other similar sites? Anyone can create a Web site, and usually, there aren't standards to evaluate the quality and accuracy of the information. Stop skimming, and read more closely to see if this information is useful to you. Check URL domain. Feel free to download a copy of the flowchart and share it with your colleagues. I go over this in more detail in my guide to teaching students how to research. Is it viewable in different operating systems? Is the site easy to navigate?

For an explanation of these criteria, see Web Site Assessment and Evaluation. Does the publisher list his or her qualifications? Was the web page published by a business, university, government organization, or professional association? Is it viewable in different browsers?

website evaluation process

Criterion Questions to ask when applying the criterion The website you are evaluating Intended audience Who is the intended audience? So more than half the time, people will leave a site almost immediately.

website evaluation examples

Are facts and statistics documented? Is it available for people with disabilities?

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Working with Google Sites: Website Evaluation Questions